What Do Vegans Not Eat?

what vegans do not eatVegans are well-regarded for having a strict diet in place for what they eat and these rules are not broken because there’s a philosophical reason for these decisions.

For those who are unaware of what vegans eat, let’s take a look at what they don’t eat as that’s most important.

What do vegans look to avoid when they head to a restaurant or buy groceries?

1) Meat

This is the primary food item that is not going to be consumed. Any meat product is prohibited for vegans because the idea is to not consume anything animal-related.

Meat would be the leading product in that category of course.

When it comes to meat, this also includes fish.

2) Dairy Products

Along the same lines of steering away from animal-related foods, it’s important to note, vegans are not going to eat any dairy product either.

This will mean they’re not going to drink milk or eat yogurt.

The same applies to various types of cheeses that are made from these ingredients.

3) Eggs

The final item they don’t eat is eggs because they’re also produced from animals and fits the rule that’s been established. This includes eggs from any animal.


So, what do vegans eat then? The goal is to focus on a plant-based diet, so you’re going to see an emphasis towards leafy greens and nuts most of the times.

There are a lot of variations present in these food categories enabling vegans to not only follow their rules but make sure enough nutrients are being consumed at the same time.

This is essential information for those who are planning on becoming a vegan or want to learn more about those who are choosing this lifestyle. It’s important to have knowledge about this because it’s a way of life for many.

Easy Tips for Making Fruit Smoothies

If you would like to begin making fruit smoothies, there are some useful guidelines that you can keep in mind to know that you are getting your fill with no problem.

These tips will help you to make the most of your health and to also avoid some mistakes that can be harmful to your health prospects. If this is something that you believe useful to you, read below and start to apply some of these easy tips for making fruit smoothies.

#1: Don’t add sugar — you don’t need it!

One mistake that people make when trying to make smoothies is adding ingredients that do not need to be added. We are so accustomed to added sugar and high fructose corn syrup that people feel as though something is wrong if they do not add sugar or other sweeteners to their smoothies.

This is completely unnecessary, as the majority of fruits have enough natural sugar to stimulate your taste buds. If you feel as though you can’t taste the sweetness in fruit, this is even more reason to cut out the added sugar, as you need to we acclimate your taste buds to natural foods.

#2: Chop them up finely

Always make sure that you chop up your fruits to the best of your ability so that they are usually blended and juiced. This way, your fruit smoothies will taste better and will be more easily digested.

#3: Diversify your fruits and mix and match them for the ideal flavor

Make sure that you mix and match your options to be sure that you have the best flavor possible and so that you also add some great vitamins and minerals to your diet.

Follow these tips so that you can make your best fruit smoothies, and if you’re an athlete, consider adding some vegan protein powder from time to time. 

Vegans on YouTube

I’m a vegan, however sometimes I feel that the vegans on YouTube are giving us ALL a bad image.

Not all vegans are weird and have a crazy outlook on eating meat. I understand that some people will just not change. I do believe that in the future more and more people will stop eating meat, but I don’t take it personally.

Some YouTube channels are run by vegans that are just weird people. Then haters see them and consider everyone who doesn’t eat meat to be weird and crazy. I would love to find more vegan YouTube channels with some normal and charming people.

Here are some females that do a great job, but there’s a lot of unusual people out there too.

Here are some better examples: